Orthotics Services and Products

At Foster's Shoes you will find Compression stockings, with personnel trained in correct fitting. You will find seamless stockings designed especially for diabetic and arthritic foot. You will find Foot care products, eg: Toe props, heel cups and pads, night splints, Metatarsal cushions and more. You will also find an I-step machine, which performs a complete maapping of the planter pressure generated from ones' feet in only 30 seconds.

Repairs and Modifications

An old shoe is often compard to an old friend "hard to replace". At Foster's Shoes we have a complete repair shop where Hartley does excellent work in repairing an old shoe, as well as custom alterations by adding Velcro straps to a lace shoe, replacing heel counters, build ups when needed for leg discrepancy and more.

Come in for a Custom Fit

Our staff is trained to give you a custom fit.  By measuring the dimension of your feet, including arch length and toe length, and by assessing swelling, bunions, high arches, and other conditions, we can provide you a perfect fitting shoe or orthotic.  We believe that wearing a comfortable pair of shoes every day has a dramatic affect on the health of your feet, and can greatly improve your mobility, overall health and fitness, and quality of life.  Once you try them on, you will believe too.

iStep - For the blueprints of your feet

To help determine your perfect fit, Foster's Shoes has iStep technology.  As you stand in place, our iStep machine measures the length and placement of your arch and the pressure points across your feet.  With this information visually displayed, our staff can easily recommend to you the orthotics which will relieve your daily foot stress.  Why wait - come in today.